Christmas 2017 is coming.

 What is Christmas  for us?  

Childhood memories,  tradition, holidays and fun time?

Intense shopping and  rushing? 

Reflection on the everyday life of our lives?

A religious & spiritual  experience?


 Regardless of how and where we spend  Christmas  –

IT is a time of meetings with others and families.

On  Christmas Eve there is a  beautiful Polish tradition that we leave an empty settings at our tables waiting
and opening for the “Another”, ”Foreign”, or “Stranger” to come.

Opening and the expectation of the “another’s ” arrival demands abstention from moral judgment. It allows the other to be a person and recognizes the existence of the other human being as a value, an essential value in itself.

World -Scene - the world on which we live, Józef Tischner writes, is a place of meetings and sepration, it is a space of freedom. Freedom, the possibility of choice is a value in itself that gives meaning to our existence on the earth.
In this space, we are seeking  freedom for ourselves, at the same time living with others.



Who is this “Stranger”? What is their face?

We thank all our readers and sympathizers for the year of meetings and we wish you the true discovery of beauty
in the Face of the “Stranger”.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Editorial team of Gazeta Polonia


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