Editorial - August the month of Solidarity.


The month of August is the month of Solidarity.

Modern Polish history has forever inscribed this word in our consciousness.

Józef Tischner wrote that ‘Solidarity must always re-define Itself.’ In the 1980s, solidarity was 

a natural willingness to sacrifice for another, it was a spontaneous attitude. 

However, Solidarity, being an idea, cannot be easily defined. ‘Solidarity’ is a value that allows us to make ethical choices. We must be carefully about decisions with whom we want to be in solidarity, so that tomorrow it will not turn out that our choices were lined with lies and hypocrisy. We must choose ways in which we want and should manifest our solidarity. In the modern world, with information flooding about injustice, violence, anxiety and inequalities, ignorance is not an excuse. Silence can be a protest, a scream that breaks through the uninterrupted stream of words flowing in all kinds of media, forgotten as quickly as they appear. Solidarity—being together with the person next to us, being with others, especially with those who have been hurt by other people who need our help and presence. Building relationships between us, creating a common space. In the ‘Ethics of Solidarity’, Tischner wrote: ‘First, there is the wounded and their cry. Then appears the conscience that can hear and understand this cry. It is only from this that the community grows. ‘Today we must shout to hear and find our conscience again.’ Does Solidarity affect politics. ‘Yes’ says Tischner,  but only when it is a bad politics, a political system that does not create space in which  citizens can act and express their opinions, a system in which fear prevails . Then solidarity contradicts such politics


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