Editorial - November Month of Freedom


„The boundaries are only in our minds, time zones and other difficulties never will  separate us from each other”


Cardinal Hlond said in 1932 that the task of the State that survived the "immensity of defeat of political existence" should be to stimulate the nation to unending gratitude and to care for its well-being, strength and durability, and above all for its high dignity and ethics. He asked whether the growing political crisis of the last 30 years, with the collapse of the State is not an expression of the fall of authority. In this he saw the task of the political elite to protect nations heading for disaster. Today, almost 100 years later, richer for the experience of the twentieth century: two world wars, two totalitarianisms, globalization, internet, economic development, and terrorism, we are asking exactly the same question: Is the political crisis of our time an expression of the collapse of authority? Return to basic values ​​seems to be the first step. Being human is a challenge, a challenge commanding us to go to another person, regardless of what country they come from, to make dialogue, and give what they need most. In the month in which we celebrate one hundred years of Polish independence and the end of World War I let's find this dialouge.


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