Polish Ambassador's message for the upcoming World Youth Day celebrations


On July 26, we will begin a nearly week-long festival of faith, which bears the name World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow - says in introduction Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to all New Zealand pilgrims going to Krakow and those who cannot be at the WYD in person.

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In 1983 the Church led by the Polish Pope St. John Paul II began the tradition of World Youth Day. As of that year from the square of St. Peter in Rome, a world-wide pilgrimage was created which now is spread over the whole world. The development of the events taken place in the old European continent have made it possible in 1991 to find ourselves at Jasna Góra Sanctuary in Czestochowa, Poland, my home country.

I would like to remind you the greeting of Pope John Paul II to the youth gathered in Czestochowa on 14th August 1991:
“All that which over decades was left divided by force on this continent, should now be drawn closer in the hope that Europe seeks unity for its future and for the good of the human family and a return to Christian roots. These roots are found in the East and West. In fact, it is a matter of looking toward the future, which belongs to you, the youth. It is necessary that you take on the grand roads of history, not just here, in Europe, but in all continents.”

In our turbulent times these words seem to be more adequate than we could expect 25 years ago.

Besides WYD in 1991, I went to Jasna Góra Sanctuary in Częstochowa on many occasions. Surrounded by thousands of pilgrims, we always gathered in front of the image of Our Lady of Jasna Góra.

On 26 June at St Patrick’s Cathedral I was privileged to take part at the Diocesan Youth Mass with formal blessing and farewell of the Auckland pilgrims travelling to Poland. It was moving to be together with young pilgrims from New Zealand, to sing and pray in front of the icon of Our Lady of Jasna Góra gifted by St. John Paul II in 1986.

I wish all the pilgrims a great time in the city of Karol Wojtyła – St. John Paul II. I am sure they will carry great experience to the whole world. I am sure my compatriots will show them the Krakow that is friendly, fraternal and hospitable. Krakow in its richness of spirit, culture and art.


If you cannot be present in Kraków in person, there are opportunities to commemorate this spiritual and joyful meeting together with others around New Zealand. I would like to invite those staying in New Zealand to join us in the events during the World Youth Day local celebrations.


World Youth Day 2016 - New Zealand programme of events




* Mass  | Sunday 24 July  |  11am| St Patrick's Cathedral

* Auckland Chamber Orchestra Concert  | Sunday 24 July  | 5pm| Raye Freedman Arts Centre

Auckland Chamber Orchestra, with the Polish-born Adrianna Lis on flute, will perform the compositions by Polish famous composer Witold Lutoslawski

* World Youth Day Auckland | weekend 30-31 July



* On July 29-31 over 250 students of catholic schools in South Island, including Marian College and Catholic Cathedral College in Christchurch will hold special celebrations of WYD in Christchurch. The program includes direct transmission of the ceremony in Krakow with the participation of Pope Francis. The Embassy of Poland and the Polish community in Christchurch are partners of these events. An evening dedicated to Poland will be held with Ambassador's speech, presentations and films about this year’s WYD host country.



* Mass  | Sunday 31 July |7 pm | Sacred Heart Cathedral

Celebratory Mass will be concelebrated by Archbishop of Wellington Cardinal John Dew.

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